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Matt and Kammi's Wedding Story

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

In their own words-The love and wedding story of Matt and Kammi Fitzgerald-

Matt and I met online, we talked for a few weeks before he asked me out but even before meeting him it felt like we’d known each other forever. We had dinner at a Taqueria in Anacortes and watched a preseason football game for our first date. We became each others person, we moved in together, bought a car and got Charlie our pup, for each other for our 1 year anniversary. We couldn’t imagine a life that we weren’t together pretty quickly.

We picked the rings out together on one of our trips to visit Matt’s family in New Mexico, so I knew a proposal was coming and that same trip we went out to White Sands and he proposed to me in front of his parents, it was perfect.

I love the way he loves me, he lets me be 100% myself and supports everything I want in life. He is the best father and partner, I don’t know how I can love him more and then life will throw something at us, we work through it together and end up deeper in love then before. We always have each other to get through anything.

Both of us make the weirdest faces since becoming parents to get our son to laugh and entertain him

Matt’s reaction when he saw me in my dress, that beautiful dress sat in our closet for over 2 years and he didn’t peek once. His reaction didn’t disappoint, we both cried

I don’t really have a favorite trend for weddings, we went pretty original getting all our friends and family to go camping for the weekend with us lol.

I wanted a camping theme, but elegant. I think we nailed it. We just wish there was more time for everything.

Couple kisses at wedding by the river
A campground wedding-You may kiss the bride


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