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Black and White Portrait Photography

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Black and white portrait photography has such a timeless look. People looking at your photos years down the road may have a harder time placing the decade in a black and white photo. Photography edited to black and white flatters nearly all genres of photography as well. Whether it's weddings, portraits, families, or newborns, portraits look amazing in black and white.

When I am shooting, I plan the shots to take in black and white. Boudoir portraits that I take are nearly 100% black and white because simplicity is sometimes best. Boudoir is more about the female shape and feelings of empowerment.

Black and white also looks elegant on men, especially during the time they are getting ready for their weddings. The portraits on this page were taken from the last wedding I photographed and I just love them.

These photos are prime examples of what can look good in black and white.

If this aesthetic is in line with your vision, please reach out and we can talk about building black and white portraits into your personalized session.

A little flower girl portrayed in black and white as she puts her shoes on the wedding day
Black and white portrait of flower girl getting her shoes on before the wedding

black and white photo of a man adjusting his tie while he gets ready for his wedding
Portrait in black and white of the groom as he gets ready for the ceremony

black and white photo of groomsman buttoning his sleeve
Black and white photo of man buttoning his sleeve


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