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So we just got back from a much needed vacation with family! My other half's family lives in Iowa and we make an annual trip back. His family is so kind and loving and everything one would think a family is. The trip was relaxing and refreshing and the best part? I didn't have my camera. I could just go back and enjoy the family. I love my camera and I love taking photos of the family, but we have been back there 14 years in a row and I always have my camera. Last year I shot a wedding while we were there so this year it was so nice to just use my phone if something struck my eye!

We had a great family get together while we were there and the really cool thing was that his mom, who is 92 and in a home, was able to attend. Though she is rather forgetful, she had a great time seeing so many members of her family.

All in all, a great time. Now it's time to refocus on photography and the two campaigns I have going on.

I'm not even sure I mentioned my 40 over 40 campaign!!! Right now, in addition to offering free boudoir shoots for the first few people to respond, I am running another empowerment campaign for people 40 and over!!

Email me at erin@erinbuxtonphotography.com for more details regarding either campaign. 40 over 40 is not free, but still an amazing experience.

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