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Use your Prints for Beautiful Wall Art

So many people want their photographs done and simply want the digitals. WHAT!? Let me tell you that I do offer digitals but as a bonus to go with the prints you pay for rather than just handing you a thumb drive of images that more than likely will end up lost in a drawer somewhere. You spent good money to have professional photographs taken. You got your hair and makeup done, you chose the perfect outfits for either you, or you and the family. You took time out of your day to gather everyone together to spend a couple of hours with a photographer in a location you meticulously chose for the event. Now the photos have been taken, and you have chosen your favorites. Rather than print them, you ask for digital copies that will probably be posted on Facebook and forgotten. Please do not do this to yourself. Please print your photographs so you can look at them every day. Let your guests enjoy them when they come to visit. Imagine how amazing you or your family, or both would look in a series of photographs that you had framed and put up on your wall. Wall portraits are designed to look amazing with your décor. Not only do they look great on an otherwise bare wall, they last for generations. Professionally mounted photographs are designed to last so they do not fade or deteriorate in any way. If you have a new baby, you can use wall art to document the child’s journey from newborn through adulthood. You can use wall art to show off generations of family members. Any wall would look spectacular with wall prints of you and your family. Please take the time to get your photos printed. You can show them off in any room of your home. I can help you create something amazing. #wallart #portraitgallery

Erin Buxton

Erin Buxton Photography

Lynnwood photographer.

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