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Makeup Trends for Spring 2020

While we are stuck at home, why not try a new makeup look? If you are like me, you tend to stick to neutral colors. Of course they look amazing, but for spring, it's time to mix it up! Bright colors and stickers are on trend for spring. Stickers? Oh yeah!! You can put a little star sticker under each eye, or you can get craft pearls to place around your eye using eyelash glue. That way you can be decorated, look trendy, but not mess with your makeup much!!! Yay. That is music to my ears. I am no makeup guru so the less fuss, the happier I am with the look. A few of the websites that I researched also say white liquid liner is making a comeback! You can do a fancy cat eye, or simply line your top lashes. Just be sure the eye makeup doesn't cover it up as you want the white to be the focus.

Photo from Ipsy

For your lips, you can apply your pink shade to the middle of your lips. From there, use a blending brush to smudge the lipstick to the edges of your lips for a nice feathered spring look.

For your cheeks, we are layering. Start with a cream blush, then blend a powder over the top. The key is to look just kissed with color, not overdone.

One final tip for an all over look is to go monchromatic!! Yes, pink eyeshadow, pink cheeks, and pink lipstick. Perfect for spring!!!!

Have fun playing with your new look!!

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Portrait Photographer in Lynnwood, WA

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