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Lifestyle Photography with Kids

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Photographing children is a fun experience. They have minds of their own and do what they want. I believe that capturing these natural moments are so amazing for the parents who see this with their children every day. Children do not generally like to be still enough to pose so getting them making their own faces and posing their own way, or simply playing make the best photographs!

Letting children be and play the way they want leads to some of the best photographs. Imagine what some of these images would look like on your wall. Your children, doing what they do best. Playing, and hamming it up for the camera make for some of the best candid photos. Personally I prefer these #lifestyleportraits because it brings out the best looks in these kiddos. Look at how happy these kids happen to be. Even if the child is unhappy, that still can make for an adorable photograph to include in a wall series. Children are so emotive and what better way to memorialize all their whims and styles than with a series of images of them during each stage of their lives.

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