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How to Get Ready for a Photo Shoot

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

So many things to remember! How can I remember everything? Well, sit back and let me help you plan how to get ready for a photoshoot. First things first. Is this shoot just for you? For you and a partner? For you and your family?

Let's start with wardrobe.

Always choose neutral colored articles of clothing. You can also take a change of outfit or several if you are doing a glamour shoot with me. If you are shooting with a partner or family, everyone should wear the same tones, but avoid patterns for the most part. Bring a change of clothing for any little ones you have because as we all know, keeping toddlers clean is a never-ending battle. We will do a consultation before your shoot and we will go over these details again.

Props-If your kiddos need something to entertain themselves with, you can bring some bubbles (plus they make for cute props in the photoshoot), or another favorite toy or item. Much of the time we can get some super cute photos of your children playing with a favorite object. I tend to like the lifestyle (or candid if you prefer) photography sessions. Bring a blanket or sheet or something to sit on to minimize getting clothing dirty. If you have a senior who may not be diggin the whole photoshoot vibe, bring a ball or something for him/her to do with hands. We don't want this to be a painful process for anyone.

Hair/Makeup-As of now, I do not have a hair and makeup artist. If you are interested in a glamour shoot, I can give tips on makeup, but I cannot apply it for you. I can help with hair to a small degree, but why not book a shoot after your hair appointment? Then your hair looks amazing, is styled by a pro, and we can document it for all time.

Misc. Wipes for clean up, snacks so no one gets hangry, clean clothes for wardrobe changes, treats for pup should you want to shoot with your furbaby, props for your kids, and bring your shiny smile!!!

As always, we will go over all of this during your pre-shoot consultation so you don't have to remember it all now.

By the way, I just LOVE this color palette! Happy photo-shoot planning!

Erin Buxton

Erin Buxton Photography

Lynnwood Portrait Photographer

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