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Free Boudoir Shoot?!

Because I am new to this genre of photography, I am in a great spot to do a model call and offer a free shoot. At this point, I will only shoot individual women. I also won't shoot nudes. I want to practice with ladies first and maybe expand from there.

So, for the first 10 ladies who go to and inquire about a shoot, I will do a shoot for free. I will offer you 10 photos for your time. So if you have ever wanted to do a boudoir shoot but have been hesitant or prohibited by cost, let's work together! Your comfort level and privacy are the highest priorities.

From now through the end of August 2021, the first 10 ladies to either email me at or go through my website will get the free shoot.

I am in Lynnwood, WA and can travel to you if you're local or you can come to me. I have an in-home studio.

Let's connect and get a shoot on the books for you.

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