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Don't let Curves Stop you from a Photoshoot

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

So often I hear, "I can't get my photo taken until I lose 20 pounds." My job as your photographer is to make you look stunning. I use posing and camera angles to make you look your best. Another consideration is your family. Your family loves you unconditionally and will love your photos!! Some day your family will be looking for printed photographs of you. Do not let anything stand in your way. You are beautiful the way you are and your family loves you unconditionally. I understand it can be daunting to have your photograph taken so with that, here are some photos of me, who is also 20 or more pounds heavier than I would like, but I wanted some portraits of me I could be proud of. I also want something for my daughter so when I am gone, she has something to hold on to. Please give yourself some grace and do not let anything keep you from getting portraits taken. You are more than worth it and deserve to show yourself off.

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