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Composite Photography

How many days have we been in lockdown now? Keeping track is getting to be difficult. However, in the interest of continuing to grow as an artist, I am learning as much as I can about other ways to shoot and edit. Countless ways exist to edit and photograph and me being me, I want to explore them all. With so much time on my hands, I have little else to do. I am not complaining though. I love to grow and practice new skills and strive to become and do more.

With all this free time, I have been studying an artist named #BrookeShaden. She is incredible and has a style to her work that I just love. She does composite work and let me tell you, a lot goes into what she does. She may downplay it some, but she goes through quite the process to put together an image. From planning, to wardrobe, to editing, one must be detail oriented to get just the right look.

Though I do not strive to be her, I really love her work and it has got me thinking about different things to do with some of my own work to spruce things up some. I have so many landscapes and photos that when I took them seemed so great, but now seem boring. Now I have a direction to begin to work toward. So, with that, here is an example of some of my own attempts to do composite work. For a first attempt, I feel as though it went well. The subject matter is somewhat nightmarish, but many of us have those dreams of either the seen, or unseen chasing us.

Because this photo makes me think of a Nancy Drew cover, I named it Nancy Drew and the Hospital Horror.

Now that I talked about my new direction, let me ask you all, what are you learning and doing during all this time at home?

Erin Buxton

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